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Aims of the Cambridge Clarion Group

“Nothing justified the killing of innocent people in the United States on September 11, and nothing justifies the killing of innocent people anywhere else.” John Pilger, The Mirror, 1 November 2001

The Clarion Group exists because the United States and its allies are bombing Afghanistan and nothing justifies the killing of innocent people.

The aims of the group are to stop the bombing of Afghanistan and to stop the bombing of innocent people everywhere.

Some reasons for supporting these aims are here.

Clarion was formed in 2001 by a group of friends in Cambridge. The website is now maintained by Stephen Hewitt.

Log of changes to this website

4 December 2017 Add Michael Mansfield QC talked in tribute to Michael Seifert
27 November 2017 Add ClientEarth, a novel environmental law charity, discussed by its founder
12 November 2017 Add ‘Last man standing’, Cambridge News, 23 May 2014 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Green light to demolish and rebuild homes’, Cambridge News, 5 December 2013 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Council homes facing the bulldozer for second time’, Cambridge News, 18 January 2013 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Council homes set for bulldozer’, Cambridge News, 16 January 2013 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Move driven by finance alone’, Cambridge News, 5 December 2012 to external articles list
9 November 2017 Add external article ‘Tenants hope review will be lifeline to staying put’, Cambridge News, 22 November 2012
7 November 2017 Add external article Letter, 19 November 2012 on Water Lane house demolitions, by Tim Bick, Cambridge city council leader
6 November 2017 Add Indigenous Australian speaks in front of Aboriginal spears in a Cambridge museum
5 November 2017 Add external article ‘Homes to be bulldozed despite residents' plea’, Cambridge Eve News, 12 October 2012
3 November 2017 Add Talk by former international ecstasy trafficker
27 October 2017 Add external article ‘Widow begs: Don't bulldoze my home’, Cambridge Eve News, 25 October 2012
25 October 2017 Add 'US Special Forces Collaborating with ISIS – Russia', 24 September 2017 and some others to list of external articles.
20 October 2017 Added Rosi on filming the real-life confessions of a drug hitman in the Mexican police
16 October 2017 Added ‘Effective altruism’ author speaks in Cambridge
13 October 2017 Added Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue volunteers in action
6 October 2017 Added Leader of the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub project explains the plan
1 October 2017 Added Cambridge workers' co-operative Daily Bread celebrates 25 years
29 September 2017 Added 'Catalans in Cambridge speak about the independence referendum in Catalonia'
24 September 2017 Added 'How to use beads to generate random letters and numbers by hand', the first article in a series on practical data privacy and security.
5 September 2017 Added mobile friendliness to Gremple, a German verb conjugation tool.
27 August 2017 Add 'Event to raise funds to teach English to refugees in Athens', 27 August 2017
26 August 2017 Add 'GETTING JULIAN ASSANGE: THE UNTOLD STORY', John Pilger, 20 May 2017 to list of external articles.
21 August 2017 Most pages updated to be mobile-friendly. Multiple other improvements too, including navigation and related pages
June 2017 Many pages are being updated as this website becomes mobile-friendly. More original articles are coming soon too.
10 April 2017 Film review: "I Am Not Your Negro"
7 April 2017 UTF-8 now used on all pages, to show international characters correctly.
31 March 2017 A chance meeting with author Emily Scialom
27 March 2017 Skateboarding for refugees in Athens - organisers visit Cambridge
25 March 2017 Military charity collecting in Cambridge streets
2015 Bomb Syria says associate of the president of "Medical Aid for Palestinians" (MAP)
2015 London underground abrupt 35% fare increase
November 2014 Vaccination advertisements in a Cambridge medical practice
October 2014 Hora Chilena - screening and discussion of Cambridge film about Chilean refugees from the 1973 military coup
26 September 2014 Cambridge Consultants, Neul and "internet of things" - local talks
8 August 2014 Photo of unusual scorched, blackened crops in a field near Cambridge
3 August 2014 UCL Prof John Dickie in Cambridge, 2013, 'Ndrangheta secret bunkers and Mafia Republic
31 July 2014 Korean Flight KAL 007, shot down in 1983 - notes on Seymour Hersh book
13 June 2014 Cancer Virus book in Waterstones -notes
28 May 2014 Ancient Chinese document on undermining society
21 May 2014 Plagues, populations and survival - a talk by Professor Stephen J O'Brien, molecular biologist
12 April 2014 EU will force new cars to have positioning and cell phones after Oct 2015 - notes from a trade journal
13 March 2014 Silicon Plagues - Computer security expert Mikko Hypponen's talk on the history of worms and viruses, including mentions of APT, intelligence agencies and bitcoin
5 November 2013 TV interview on Syd Barrett, LSD and brain damage - notes on a recent broadcast
21 March 2013 Photograph of a bus using bio fuel in Cambridge last month
19 March 2013 Food prices: price of spaghetti and its recent increase
16 March 2013 Proportions of fuel types used in UK electricity generation - photo of leaflets from npower and E.ON
9 February 2013 Feelings of Cambridge academics on science funding - observations from attending talk and reception at Darwin
28 January 2013 A busy local farm vegetable market stall in Cambridge, with photo
14 January 2013 MI5 and homosexual abuse at Kincora boys' home - a Guardian report from 1990
29 December 2007 Dodi Fayed impersonator - Sunday Times article from 1997
18 November 2007 A Cambridge Journal started

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