BBC TV chemistry documentary omits Arabic contribution

A Cambridge Journal, Saturday 5 April 2014

by Stephen Hewitt

Today the BBC broadcast a television documentary about the history of chemistry which omitted any mention of the Arabic contribution. Titled "Chemistry: a volatile history - Discovering the elements", it jumped seamlessly from the ancient Greeks who "were convinced that the whole earth was made of earth, air, fire and water" to sixteenth century Europe.

According to the Freeview listings, this was the first of three parts. It was broadcast at 20:00 BST on BBC4, executive producer Sacha Baveystock, produced and directed by Jon Stephens, series producer Helen Thomas, narrated by one Professor Al-khalili. "BBC Productions MMX".

EU will force new cars to have positioning and cell phones after Oct 2015

A Cambridge Journal, Friday 11 April 2014

by Stephen Hewitt

A recent edition of a trade magazine reveals that in the EU all cars sold after 1 October 2015 will have to have positioning technology and a cell telephone which can call the emergency services. The reporter writes "It might also appear curious that, given eCall's advent is just 18 months away, there appears to be relatively low public awareness of this transformative initiative." "Calling all cars", James Hayes, p58, Engineering and Technology, Volume 9, Issue 3, April 2014

I remember reading about court case in the USA years ago where such a device had been hacked by the FBI to bug someone's car. If memory serves, the US court ruled that this was illegal only because it also stopped the device being used for its ostensible purpose.