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US 'supported anti-left terror in Italy'

Philip Willan, Guardian, 24 June 2000, page 19

First paragraph:

The United States was accused of playing a large part in the campaign of anti-communist terrorism in Italy during the cold war in a report released yesterday by the Left Democrat party.
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A CIA Gladio-style "stay-behind" network in Iraq?

"In the early 1950s the CIA had been visibly the poor relation in Iraq to British intelligence, which effectively ran much of the Baghdad Pact, the alliance of countries in the region close to the Soviet border. Donald Wilber, a CIA officer who had assisted in the Iran operation in 1953, recalled his experiences in Baghdad"... "The CIA was keen to develop a GLADIO-type network in Iraq and to 'plant communications and demolitions to be used by stay-behind agents' in case the Russians made an advance into the area."... "The hidden hand Britain, America and cold war secret intelligence", Richard J. Aldrich, John Murray, 2001, page 582-3

GLADIO Europe's best kept secret

Hugh O'Shaughnessy, Guardian, 7 June 1992, pages 53-54

More snippets of information about Gladio, with the usual apologist gloss. One snippet, that is not in other articles so far indexed on this page, is the refusal of Britain to extradite back to Italy one Roberto Fiore, wanted for questioning about the terrorist bombings on Italian railways, and the British government's response on this matter to Harry and Shirley Mitchell of Bath, whose daughter was one of the 86 people murdered with a bomb at Bologna railway station in 1980.

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UK trained secret Swiss force

Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, 20 September 1991, page 7

First paragraph:

British secret services collaborated closely with an armed, undercover Swiss organisation which formed part of a west European network of "resistance" groups, it was officially disclosed yesterday.
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Secret agents, freemasons, fascists... and a top-level campaign of political ‘destabilisation’

Ed Vulliamy, Guardian, 5 December 1990, page 12

First paragraph:

'I CAN say that the head of the secret services has repeatedly and unequivocally excluded the existence of a hidden organisation of any type or size," the Italian Minister of Defence, Giulio Andreotti, told a judicial inquiry in 1974 into the alleged existence of a secret state army.
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The Gladio File: did fear of communism throw West into the arms of terrorists?

Richard Norton-Taylor, Guardian, 5 December 1990, page 12

First paragraph:

A CHANCE discovery by an assiduous Italian magistrate investigating a neo-fascist terrorist attack has unearthed a secret paramilitary network run by units of the armed forces and intelligence services throughout western Europe.
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How MI6 and SAS joined in

David Pallister, Guardian, 5 December 1990, page 12

"David Pallister on 'stay behind' strategy"

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Gladio is still opening wounds

Charles Richards, Independent, 1 December 1990, page 12

First two sentences:

OPERATION GLADIO has been dismantled. General Paolo Inzerilli, chief of staff of the Italian security service Sismi, told the parliamentary commission on terrorism that the Prime Minister issued the order on Wednesday.
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Secret Italian unit 'trained in Britain'

Richard Norton-Taylor/David Gow, Guardian, 17 November 1990, page 10

Third paragraph:

General Gerardo Serravalle, who said the Italians trained at a military base in Britain, was giving evidence yesterday in Rome to a parliamentary committee of inquiry into allegations that Gladio was linked to a series of rightwing terrorist attacks in Italy between 1969 and the early 1980s.
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Nato's secret network 'also operated in France'

Guardian, 14 November 1990, page 6

First paragraph:

A BRANCH of the Nato-linked European anti-communist resistance network, which Italian investigators fear may have been involved in neo-fascist atrocities in Italy, also operated in France, the former defence minister, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, has disclosed.
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