Cambridge demolishing council homes

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16 December 2017: Excavators and rubble at the site of demolished Cambridge council homes at Anstey Way. (52.17336 N, 0.11399 E)
16 December 2017: “Main Contractor Cambridge Investment Partnership” on a sign at a demolition site of council homes at Anstey Way. The sign also has “Cambridge City Council” and the council's logo. There is no mention of the only other partner in Cambridge Investment Partnership LLP, namely Hill Investment Partnerships Ltd, of Gunpowder Mill, Powdermill Lane, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1BN. Cambridge Investment Partnership LLP (company number OC415211) subsequently changed its name in 2018 to “CIP (Mill Road Development) LLP”.

On Saturday 16 December 2017 I saw excavators and large mounds of rubble where not long before had stood flats and council homes at Anstey Way, Cambridge, CB2 9JA. (First photograph).

A passing local resident told me that the demolitions had occurred within the last two weeks.

The demolition site, approximately a rectangle of 50x100 metres, was surrounded by solid fencing panels on which there were several different notices.

One of these notices was an A4-sized sheet stating:

“Cambridge Investment Partnership hereby give the necessary notice that it has made an application to determine whether prior approval is required for the demolition of no's 9 to 28 Anstey Way, Cambridge.” ...“The date on which the applicant proposes to carry out the demolition is Summer 2017.”

At the bottom there was a hand-written signature legible as “S Longstaff” and printed after it “(On behalf of Cambridge Investment Partnership) Date: 30/06/2017”.

Cambridge Investment Partnership (company number OC415211) was incorporated in 2016 as a limited liability partnership. The legality of any council using a limited liability partnership for such purposes was being challenged in the high court in 2017 in the case of Peters v London Borough of Haringey & Anor . The judgement in that case, which confirmed such a use was legal, was handed down on 8 February 2018.

This was not the first time Cambridge City Council had demolished council homes. The photograph dated 2 July 2015 shows a similar scene at Water Lane.

“WATER LANE” on a street sign, with a mesh fence and visible beyond that a ridge of rubble up to about 10 feet high and the yellow arm of one earth-moving machine
2 July 2015: An excavator and rubble at the site of demolished Cambridge council homes at Water Lane. (52.21885 N, 0.14711 E)


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