Metro Bank in Cambridge open after dark, photographed February 2019

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View from outside through glass walls
Staff behind the counter of Metro Bank in central Cambridge after dark on Friday 1 February 2019, with no customers visible. “OPEN 7 DAYS” is in illuminated letters on the outside glass of the building. (52.2049 N, 0.1224 E)

The photographs here show the Cambridge branch of Metro Bank in early 2019, on Saint Andrew's Street, on the corner with the pedestrian-only Christ's Lane in the city centre.

The illuminated scene inside the branch in the third photograph looks the same as an image available on the Metro Bank website in April 2022 on the page for the Cambridge “store” at, which included the words “Download our Cambridge Store Mural” with a link to a PDF file.

The Metro Bank branch in Cambridge at Christ's Lane, CB2 3BZ on 29 January 2019. “LOVE YOUR BANK AT LAST!” is visible in white lettering on a window of the first floor. (52.2049 N, 0.1224 E)
29 January 2019: View from Christ's Lane through the glass into Metro Bank in Cambridge. The front in St Andrew's Street is to the right of this picture and the counter with the staff shown in the night-time photograph is at the extreme left. The branch is larger than a typical bank branch and most of floor area seems to be empty. There are two bicycles standing inside. (They were in a metal bicycle stand, not visible here) On the wall inside there is an illuminated scene of King's Parade. (52.2049 N, 0.1224 E)

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