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‘Price is right’ for Cambridgeshire mayor says Labour leader Corbyn

Ben Comber, Cambridge Independent, 10 March 2017

Article reports that at Water Lane, Cambridge 4 March 2017 Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, said:

“It was fantastic to see this state-of-the-art housing development delivered by the Labour-run council in Cambridge.”

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Last man standing

GARETH MACPHERSON, Cambridge News, 23 May 2014

First paragraph:

A DEFIANT tenant in a row of council houses controversially marked for demolition is staying put - as the authority prepares to evict him.

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Green light to demolish and rebuild homes

Chris Havergal, Cambridge News, 5 December 2013

First paragraph:

CONSTRUCTION of more than 90 homes on three sites across Cambridge has been approved as part of a huge council house redevelopment programme.

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Council homes facing the bulldozer for second time

Chris Havergal, Cambridge News, 18 January 2013

First paragraph:

DEMOLITION of council houses has been approved for the second time, despite opposition from tenants.

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Council homes set for bulldozer

Cambridge News, 16 January 2013

Second paragraph:

There were hopes further work would lead to the residents being allowed to stay, but a report to the council's community services committee, which meets tomorrow, recommends the schemes are approved again.

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Move driven by finance alone

Clare Blair, Letter in Cambridge News, 5 December 2012

Housing demolitions in Water Lane Cambridge: a letter in the local paper from Clare Blair in reply to a letter from city councillor Tim Blick 16 days earlier.

“Had these tenants not had the misfortune to be sited round a peaceful central green space of the kind developers love to build on, they would be left in peace.”

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Tenants hope review will be lifeline to staying put

Chris Havergal, Cambridge News, 22 November 2012

Water Lane evictions and house demolitions in The Cambridge News. The first paragraph is:

COUNCIL house tenants facing eviction under a Cambridge-wide redevelopment programme are hoping a review could signal a U-turn.

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Tenants ‘led up the garden path’

Councillor Tim Bick, Letter in Cambridge News, 19 November 2012

Water Lane council house demolitions - A letter in a local paper by Cambridge City Council leader Tim Bick.

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Widow begs: Don't bulldoze my home

Chris Havergal, Cambridge Evening News, 25 October 2012

Evictions and house demolitions in Water Lane is the topic of this report from The Cambridge News. The first paragraph is:

A WIDOW who is facing eviction under council plans to bulldoze and rebuild her home fears she won't survive the upheaval.

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Homes to be bulldozed despite residents' plea

Chris Havergal, Cambridge News, 12 October 2012

Second paragraph:

Demolition of 24 properties in Water Lane, East Chesterton, and 24 maisonettes in Aylesborough Close, King's Hedges, was approved by Cambridge City Council yesterday.

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