The Prime minister's fraudulent Iraq dossier of January 2003

Compilation of information about the fraudulent dossier produced by Tony Blair, Prime Minister in January 2003

Stephen Hewitt, updated August 2017


The fraudulent government report was presented at . In 2017 there is no longer anything at this link, but the 2003 page is archived on

In February 2003 this page had a link to a PDF version of the report and a link to a Microsoft Word version, as follows.

Glen Rangwala's email revealing the true origins of the material and its distortion

Glen Rangwala's email to the discussion list of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI), revealing the true origins of material in the document:

Some of the sources that were plagiarised. These are taken from Glen Rangwala's email above:

Media reporting

Email from Sanjoy Mahajan on CASI discussion list giving details of press coverage on 7 February 2003

The Observer's gushing description of the report before it was exposed. “How Saddam hides illegal weapon sites Blair to reveal spy dossier of videos and phone taps”, Kamal Ahmed and Nick Paton Walsh, Observer, Sunday 2 February 2003 This article starts

Saddam Hussein is using an elaborate network of deception to frustrate the United Nations' weapons inspectors and conceal Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, according to new intelligence documents released by Downing Street.

Paragraph four starts with “The documents will make up a key plank of the evidence to be presented by Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, to the UN Security Council on Wednesday.”

Varsity - see Related pages below.

Initial observations in February 2003

In several hours searching on the web, I did not find a single report that gave the web address of the original email that Glen Rangwala posted to the CASI (Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq) discussion group, even though it is in a public archive.

Instead I had to resort to using google to search the CASI site, after reading where the email was in the Cambridge student newspaper Varsity (also with no link).

Secondly, regarding the Prime Minister and his reported apology for plagiarising copyrighted material, on 19 February 2003 the offending report still remained on the government website, with no warning, no acknowledgement of sources, and no apology, from where I took a copy of it on 19 February 2003.

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