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Steven Thoburn 14 March 2004 39 heart attack

Neil Herron, "Metric Martyr Defence Fund" newsletter, undated but 2005 "We both agreed to fight on and I gave my word that I would continue to run the campaign until we saw his criminal conviction quashed. Steven was fully aware that this issue was not about a system of measurement, it was about how, and by whom, we are governed. It was about the people we elect making our laws. We were not prepared to accept any 'authority' from outside the bounds of our own accountable democracy. I left him that Friday knowing that his stand would continue until we won, no matter how long it took."

"The following Sunday Steven suffered a massive heart attack and died in his wife's arms."

See also: Metric martyr market trader dies BBC, 14 March 2004

Derek Willmott 2002, (Scotsman implies June) - -

"Corporate Watch has learned that a barrister, the late Derek Willmott, had also been investigating the Earley case, on behalf of clients who claimed to have been made ill as a result of pollution originating in the old Shell site. Willmott's report alleges that the old Shell depot, on which Amber Close is now built, concealed a subterranean facility which housed a nuclear test reactor." A Spiritual Healing Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman, 27 July 2002

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Monica Coghlan 2001 49 car crash "Coghlan (pictured above), who told a newspaper that Archer had paid her £70 for sex, was killed in a car crash in 2001, shortly before the perjury trial and six days before her 50th birthday." Emily Cook, Daily Mail, 19 September 2005, page 3. See also Contrary Mary.
Stephen Milligan found dead 7 February 1994, Hammersmith, London 45 - Guardian, 8 February 1994, page 1.

Milligan was MP for Eastleigh, Hampshire and PPS (parliamentary private secretary) to the Defence Minister Jonathan Aitken, who was convicted and imprisoned in 1999 for perjury and perverting the course of justice. Milligan had previously worked for the BBC, The Economist and the Sunday Times. He became an MP in 1992.Guardian, 8 February 1994, page 3. See also Journalists accuse BBC of censorship

Simon O'Dwyer-Russell December 1990 29 heart attack

Times, 10 December 1990, page 2 (obit.)

"The first reports appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, written by their diplomatic and defence correspondent, Simon O'Dwyer-Russell, who had close professional and family contacts with the highly secretive Special Air Services, the SAS. O'Dwyer-Russell disclosed that the SAS were training Cambodian guerrillas allied to Pol Pot." "Distant voices", John Pilger, Vintage, 1992, page 184 "Simon would have been arguably our most important witness in the libel case". Ibid. p 219.

Pilger and Central Television were sued for libel after the broadcast of "Cambodia: The Betrayal" on 9 October 1990. In this film, O'Dwyer-Russell was interviewed saying ..."passed very clearly to being an MI6 operation. The result of that has been that there are a number of former SAS people who are now out of the service and who are private individuals but that are working to some form of contract to provide training and mines technology to the Khmer Rouge". Ibid, page 193

Jonathan Moyle 31 March 1990, Santiago, Chile 28 - "The Valkyrie Operation", Wensley Clarkson, Blake Publishing, 1998 Editor of "Defence Helicopter World", Moyle was attending FIDAE (Feria International del Aire y del Espacio) -the Air and Space Fair put on by the Chilean Air Force. See also Dead journalist sex smear 'foul'
Serena Booker 1982, Thailand ~28 murdered Sister of journalist Christopher Booker. As researcher for Alistair Horne's biography of Harold Macmillan, she was researching forced "repatriations" of prisoners held by Britain in Austria in 1945 and had been introduced to Nikolai Tolstoy. "A looking-glass Tragedy", Christopher Booker, Duckworth, 1997, p39 et seq. (For some comments on this book, search for "Booker" in this page.) See also "The cost of a reputation", Ian Mitchell, 1997, p122-4
Ross McWhirter 27/28 November 1975, Enfield 50 murder by gunshot

"Ross", Norris McWhirter, Churchill Press, 1976

"One of the many projects on which Ross was working at the time of his death was a monograph entitled, "Deceived in Her Grant" which set out in icily clear terms the total illegality of the method of Britain's entry into Europe." - Ibid, page 204

On 17 February 1972 he had brought a legal case against the Attorney General on this matter.

Hugh Gaitskell 18 January 1963, Middlesex Hospital 56 - Times, 19 January 1963, page 8, which also says:

A brief medical statement was issued by Dr. Walter Somerville, consultant cardiologist to the hospital, and the secretary to the superintendent of the hospital, Brigadier Hardy-Roberts. It said: -

"Mr. Gaitskell's heart condition deteriorated suddenly and he died peacefully."

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