Control of the CIA, Congressional Record - House, 9 March 1967

Congressional Record (90th Congress, first session) (Bound) - Volume 113, Part 5 (March 7, 1967 to March 15, 1967) pages 6153 - 6154

Control of the CIA

The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under previous order of the House the gentleman from New York [Mr. RYAN] is recognized for 15 minutes.

Mr. RYAN. Mr. Speaker, the dust stirred up by the revelations that the CIA has been secretly financing domestic organizations is beginning to settle, without any safeguards established to end this nefarious practice. We now know that the CIA has given substantial amounts of money to student organizations, labor organizations, publishing companies, and others. We also know that it has channeled funds through the use of tax-exempt foundations. At first there was deep concern about this activity. But already a sense of complacency is developing. Moreover, the CIA's infiltration of domestic organizations has been defended on the grounds that it is justified to combat the threat of communism.

Mr. Speaker, the issue is fundamental. Should a free society resort to secret and undemocratic methods in combating a political movement which denies freedom? Does the end justify the means? The means used by the CIA resulted in corruption of ourselves. For example, the students who were knowingly involved with the CIA were placed in the position of lying to their colleagues and tailoring their positions to suit the CIA. The very process, which was supposed to protect them, was a corrupting one.

The article published in the March issue of Ramparts magazine, which lifted the lid off the CIA's operations, clearly shows the effect of the CIA's seduction of students. No one who cares about maintaining the independence and freedom of our young people will fail to be repelled by the CIA's efforts. I will include the Ramparts article in the RECORD at the conclusion of my remarks.

If we are to compete with Communist ideology, we must do so by example, by showing that our open democratic system leads to the greater fulfillment of man. We cannot compete by emulation. For to do so leaves no choice. IF it is in our national interest for the Government to support organizations which cannot receive sufficient support through private means, we should bear that responsibility openly. The decision to support an organization must be arrived at through the democratic process - not behind closed doors.

It is time we, as a nation, faced up to our responsibilities as a democratic society.

I fear the Central Intelligence Agency will, through one means or another, continue to funnel funds to seemingly free institutions unless Congress enacts an explicit prohibition.

Since the Bay of Pigs fiasco I have sponsored legislation to establish a Joint Committee on Foreign Information and Intelligence to oversee the CIA. In this Congress it is House Joint Resolution 305. But that may not be enough. There are already two subcommittees of the Congress which supposedly oversee the CIA. Did these subcommittees know about the CIA's involvement with the National Student Association and other domestic organizations? The Joint Committee on Foreign Information and Intelligence should be established as soon as possible.

However, the issue of channeling CIA funds to domestic organizations must be met head on. Congress must act to make it clear to the CIA, to our citizens, and to the world that the era of CIA interference with our free institutions is at and end for all time.

Today I have introduced two bills which should prevent it in the future.

The first bill amends the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949 to prohibit the Agency from granting, contributing, lending, or otherwise paying, directly or indirectly, and of its funds “to any foundation or philanthropic organization, labor organization, publishing organization, labor organization, radio or broadcasting organization, or educational institution - including organizations composed of students or faculty members - incorporated or otherwise organized under the laws of and State, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession of the United States or under the laws of the United States.”

The second bill amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to require each tax-exempt organization to file a public annual report which lists the sources, including Government sources, of all its income and other receipts. The bill provides for a penalty in addition to those already in the tax code, for a willful failure to file or fraudulent statements made in connection with the report. A willful failure to file or the making of fraudulent statements will result in the loss of tax exemption.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that legislation is the only way to insure that the CIA does not engage in the secret subsidizing of domestic organizations. The enactment of these two bills will prevent the CIA from engaging in secret activities which do much more damage to us than they do to others.

Mr. Speaker, I include at this point in the record the Ramparts article published in March 1967:



(By Sol Stern With the special assistance of Lee Webb, Michael, Ansara and Michael Wood.)

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The Congressional Record above continued with the remainder of the full text of all three related articles from Ramparts magazine of March 1967. For the full text of these see under Related below: A Short Account of International Student Politics & the Cold War with Particular Reference to the NSA,CIA,Etc.


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