Uranium toxicity in The Merck Index, Eleventh Edition

The following text is from the final two paragraphs of the entry for uranium, taken directly from the printed book.

The Merck Index, ELEVENTH EDITION, Centennial Edition,
Susan Budavari, Editor
Maryadele J. O'Neil, Associate Editor
Ann Smith, Assistant Editor
Patricia E. Heckelman, Editorial Assistant
Published by MERCK & CO., INC. RAHWAY N.J.,U.S.A. 1989, page 1551

Caution: Uranium and its salts are highly toxic. Dermatitis, renal damage, acute necrotic arterial lesions, death may occur. Radiation hazard from inhalation of fine particles of approx 1µ. Insol particles in lung may be long-term carcinogenic hazard. See L.T. Fairhall, Industrial Toxicology (Hafner, New York, 2nd ed., 1969) pp 129-131.

USE: 235U is used in atom and hydrogen bombs. 234U and 235U are used as nuclear fuel in power reactors.


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