Why Clarion's website was unavailable last week

21 June 2004, Stephen Hewitt

Clarion's website was unavailable for part of last week and the company responsible is Iomart Internet Limited which currently hosts the Clarion website.

On Thursday 17 June Iomart's system status page at http://zebedee.iomart.com/system_status.htm still contained the following:

Preliminary feedback from RedBus Interhouse states that a high voltage power transformer failed and that backup power solutions in place failed to come on line.

This has also been reported in the internet press:

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/06/16/redbus_power_fails/ We are continuing to work on the affected services and will update all customers once appropriate.

The article to which Iomart refers reports a power cut which happened on Tuesday 15 June.