Syd Barrett, LSD and brain damage

by Stephen Hewitt

On Saturday evening 2 November 2013 BBC4 broadcast excerpts from a 2001 interview with a member of Cambridge band Pink Floyd in which he talked about Syd Barrett, LSD and brain damage.

Richard Wright was seen saying:

My memory is that we were recording a radio one show at the BBC and Syd didn't turn up and I think it was a Friday and no one could find him and so we basically waited and waited and I think we had to cancel the recording or we tried to do some without him not sure and then the managers went off trying to find him and when they found Syd -which I think was the Sunday or Monday - they told us that well something's happened to Syd - and something had happened to him - total difference.
he was living with a whole sort a community of people who very much believe in acid can release you you know get to the truth and all that stuff and that he took too much
he had done so much damage - cause acid that's what it does to you - too much acid will literally fry your brains.

These excerpts were contained in a 2012 documentary "Wish you were here" by Eagle Rock Entertainment directed by John Edginton

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