NO 82% are against Iraq war

Cambridge Evening News, 7 February 2003, page 1

MORE than 1,000 readers took part in the News poll to find out how the region feels about war with Iraq.

A staggering 82 per cent of people who voted via our dedicated phone line and website believe Britain should NOT join America in an attack on Saddam Hussein

In total 1,076 readers voted, with 879 voting against a war and 197 in favour

The results mirror the message given by voters to Mid-Anglia's MPs during the last few weeks.

Yesterday the News reported how the MPs had received many letters from constituents worried at the prospect of war and unconvinced by the Government's arguments in favour.

Cambridge's Labour MP Anne Campbell even warned of a mass walkout of Labour members in the city if Tony Blair went to war without the backing of the United Nations.