Press cutting



Daily Mail, 27 October 1924, page 6

LORD CURZON, who as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from 1919 to 1923, obtained an intimate knowledge of the methods of the Bolshevist Government, declared in a speech at Leicester on Saturday:

I regard the Russian Government as one of the worst and cruellest that have ever had in their hands the destiny of a nation. It is murdering and burying alive thousands of the wretched people of Georgia. This Government has destroyed the life of Russia, has extirpated religion from its midst, and has produced infinite misery among the Russian populace. The Government are a small gang, only a few hundreds, few of them Russians by birth and most of them Jews in origin, who are preying like vultures on the bodies of that unhappy people.

This letter from Zinoviev was dated September 15. Copies of it, I understand, were communicated to Mr. MacDonald and Mr. Henderson when it reached this country about a month ago. It came into the hands of The Daily Mail and was circulated by them to the Press and published universally this morning, along with the Government's reply. I venture to say that if The Daily Mail had not got hold of it and published it we should never have heard the Government's reply at all.


For a month that statement has been in the hands of the Prime Minister, and he has gone about the country defending the Russians and humbugging our people.

A more wicked, a more pernicious, and more detestable and contemptible document has never appeared in print. To Socialists I would say. Those are the men with whom your Government has entered upon diplomatic relations and given diplomatic immunity in order to carry