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A letter from Alan Sked about UKIP published in The Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph, 31 January 2001

SIR - As founder of the UKIP, I was its leader in the days when it fought on principle against both the EU and home-grown federalists who were clearly the enemies of an independent Britain.

Now it appears that the current leadership of UKIP, not content with being in the pay of Brussels, is attempting to blackmail Eurosceptics in the Conservative Party.

However, at least we now know the value the UKIP leadership places on its principles. According to Nigel Farage, £1 million will help to grease his party's electoral palm. Wasn't this the same amount which Peter Mandelson got for the Faith Zone of the Millennium Dome and for which he has received so much criticism?

Michael Ancram is wise to have nothing to do with the current leadership of the UKIP, and I sympathise with all those principled activists in it who will feel tarnished by their leadership's lack of honour.

Dr Alan Sked

London N1

Clarion notes

Clarion took the above text from a physical copy of the Daily Telegraph.

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