Clarion strategy

Truth is the first casualty of war, they say. But the truth of this expression itself needs to be questioned. Having noticed how lies are used to cause, sustain, and excuse modern wars, we might conclude that it is more accurate to say that peace is the first casualty of deceit. One of Clarion's primary strategies will therefore be the exposure of deceit.

In this, we additionally postulate that history has something to teach us which is useful for the present. Indeed, for history to be meaningful and interesting, we should study it for precisely this reason. For our purpose here that means looking for what can we find about the frauds, tricks and scams that humans are likely to get up to. And we aim to develop a theoretical analytical framework supported by real, documented historical examples.

Clarion will be studying techniques of deceit, looking for historical examples of them and finding out where they are being used in the present.

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