New American newspaper to oppose Bush program is "overwhelmed by the response"

by Stephen Hewitt Monday 11 March 2002

War Times is a new newspaper from California, in both Spanish and English, whose stated purpose is as follows:

War Times is being produced to help broaden and deepen the fight against the Bush program by compiling information and analysis, and putting them into the hands of large numbers of readers.

Jan Adams of War Times says

First thing you should know is that our web site is finally up: so you too can read the paper.

It is true that we've been overwhelmed by the response to this project. When we first threw the idea around in late October or November, we thought maybe we'd run 10 or 15 thousand papers. We put the word out on the internet and started thinking about 50000. Just before we went to press in mid- February, we pushed that up to 75000. Well, we were out of the 75000 in about a week -- 26000 distributed in Northern California, the balance (49000) in the rest of the country -- all parts, reaching at least one distributor in every state. Of course most papers went to the big cities: New York, LA, Philadelphia, DC, etc. But many went to small places. Probably one third went to Peace organizations, one third to community-based organizations, and the balance split between students, teachers and a few labor unions.

And now we are reprinting -- another 25000 will start going out tomorrow. The demand is clearly there. We hope then to consolidate our systems and begin regular publication, monthly starting in April, and later bi-weekly.

[email to author, 27 February 2002]

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