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Silver Y moths photographed in England in September

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A silver Y moth (Autographa gamma) on a dead leaf of Rosa rugosa in the countryside in England, 14 September 2021

The photographs here show silver Y moths (Autographa gamma), as found in the countryside in England in September 2021. They had a mottled grey and light brown colour. On each wing was a prominent, short, white line, forked about half way down its length and reminiscent of a bent letter "y". The first two photographs are of the same moth on a leaf on cultivated bushes of Rosa rugosa. Although most of the leaves on the bushes were green, the moth was resting on a dead leaf where it blended in, as shown in the second photograph. The third photograph shows a silver Y moth resting on an exterior face of a brown window frame.

The same silver Y moth (Autographa gamma) inconspicuous on a brown, dead leaf, surrounded by leaves that are mostly green, in the countryside in England, 14 September 2021
A silver Y moth (Autographa gamma) on an exterior surface of a brown window frame in rural England, 2 September 2021

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