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Five things to buy at Arjuna Wholefoods, a Cambridge co-operative

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August 2018: Cambridge co-operative Arjuna Wholefoods at 12 Mill Road, CB1 2AD
The shop of Cambridge co-operative Arjuna Wholefoods at 12 Mill Road, CB1 2AD in August 2018

Arjuna Wholefoods has been trading since 1976 as a workers' co-operative at 12 Mill Road Cambridge.

If you would prefer to pay your money to local people rather than a corporate chain but, like me a few years ago, you struggle to find anything you want in Arjuna at a price you can afford, then here are five personal suggestions to get you started.

Purchases from Arjuna Wholefoods: eggs, yoghurt, chocolate and toothpaste
Purchases from Arjuna Wholefoods: Haresfield Farm organic eggs, Maynard's Greek style Ewe's milk live culture yoghurt, Montezuma's “Absolute black 100% Cocoa” chocolate and Green People's “100% Natural” toothpaste
  1. Maynard's Greek style Ewe's milk live yoghurt (284ml, £1.75 in August 2018). Arjuna is the only place I know where you can buy this. It has a distinct sour tang with a refreshing after-taste, making an appealing contrast when served with a sweet fruit.

  2. Montezuma's chocolate “Absolute black 100% Cocoa”, 100g £2.39 The delights and nutrition of chocolate without the evil of added sugar. Be careful to distinguish the bars next to them that look the same except where Montezuma's label says “WITH ALMONDS” (and yet strangely still claims “100% COCOA SOLIDS”). I have bought the wrong bar more than once.

  3. Toothpaste without fluoride. Green People's “100% Natural” Peppermint and Aloe Vera, £4.25

  4. Oats organically grown in the UK. Arjuna's large oats and porridge oats both cost £3.35 for a 2kg bag (£1.68/kg), which means that for once something is cheaper in Arjuna than it is in Tesco.

    For comparison in August 2018 the Tesco superstore on Newmarket Road was asking £2.30 for 1kg of Flahavan's Irish organic oats and £1.60 for Tesco own brand organic 750g (£2.14/kg)

  5. Haresfield Farm organic (Soil Association) free-range eggs, medium £2.40.

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