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Hundreds protest over Iraq war plan

Lizzie Murphy, Cambridge Evening News, 3 February 2003, page 3

HUNDREDS of protesters gathered in Cambridge city centre on Saturday to march against the impending war on Iraq.

Around 600 people from various protest groups turned up to oppose the Government's intention to wage war against Saddam Hussain.

Some marchers dressed up as weapons inspectors and many more carried placards reading: "Stop the War" and "Not in My Name. Don't Attack Iraq".

There was a positive atmosphere as the demonstrators moved along King's Parade, to Downing Street, St Andrew's Street, Sidney Street, Bridge Street, past St John's College and back to the Market Square for a rally.

Protest groups chanted as they walked along the route, others blew whistles to voice their opposition while a few marched in silence.

Diana Minns, secretary of the Cambridge Socialist Alliance, was optimistic the demonstration would make a difference to the Government's decision.

She said: "We have to be positive that we are going to make a difference. There has been a lot of response through petitions in Cambridge. The purpose of the march is to show that the people of Cambridge don't want to go to war."

Kate Connelly, a student at Hills Road Sixth Form College, is a member of Globalise Resistance.

She said: "There are so many people here and it is reflecting the growing anger of the British people against the labour Government.

"I am optimistic at the moment because there has never been so much opposition to a war before it has even started."

The protest also gained the support of Andrew Murray, the national chairman of the Stop the War coalition, who came from London to support the campaign.

He said: "The majority of the British people don't want a war. If Tony Blair was listening to British people then I would be optimistic. This is a war the whole world doesn't want and the Government could be brought down if they get this wrong."

The campaign continues on February 15 when half a million people are expected to march in London.

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