Speech of George Galloway, M.P., London, 19 March 2005

George Galloway in Trafalgar Square, London, 19 March 2005. Recorded and transcribed by Stephen Hewitt

[Editorial comments are in square brackets like this one. Audience applause is not mentioned except where it interferes with transcription.]

Thank you very much Andrew, brothers and sisters comrades and friends, [foreign words] peace be with you and my election headquarters is in brick lane east London and everyone of you is welcome there every day every night for the next forty six days where I'm standing against a new labour mp who's voted for every privatisation, for every attack on civil liberties and for every war that tony blair has taken us into. I hope to see as many as possible of [recording unclear].

Finally in the great slave revolt against the roman empire led by Spartacus when the brave slave army had been defeated and its survivors were at the mercy of the empire, the roman leadership came onto the field of battle and told the survivors: all of you can go free all i ask is that you identify from amongst your number the slave Spartacus. And just as Spartacus [unclear on recording, but as i remember "stood up to reveal"] himself, one after another after another of his comrades rose and said i am Spartacus i am Spartacus i am Spartacus and in that spirit we say here today in London and around the world i am a Palestinian. i am an Iraqi. i am an Iranian. i am a Syrian and any attack upon any country will be opposed by all of us around the world.

These liars, these hypocrites, these killers and their mouthpieces in the media tell us it's all about democracy and freedom. Does anybody really believe that george bush wants elections in saudi arabia? Does anybody believe that george bush wants to risk the presidential chair of hosni mubarak the ninety nine point nine percent of the vote president of egypt?

They say in the times this morning that in Lebanon there is a pro-democracy movement. [words unclear on recording, but as i understood "the last"] thing they want is democracy in Lebanon. If there was democracy in Lebanon on one person one vote hizbollah would be the government of Lebanon. In Lebanese democracy no muslim is allowed to be the president of the country and the christian elite is guaranteed fifty percent of the seats in parliament though they are only twenty two percent of the population of the country. And they say the Syrian troops must withdraw immediately out of Lebanon where they stay in accordance with a treaty freely signed by the Lebanese government and continued supported by the Lebanese government while israel has occupied Syria for almost forty years, occupied Lebanon for thirty years and occupies Palestine for more than half a century.

These hypocrites, these liars - I tell you what - let's raise the demand here for the withdrawal of all foreign armies from all arab countries from the [word unclear because of applause, possibly "Atlantic"] to the [word unclear because of applause, sounds like "gulf"]

Andrew, Andrew there is no point in being here, there is no point of demonstrating if you're going to reward the killer blair at the ballot box on the fifth of may. It makes a mockery of being here. So i leave you with this message. Ask your member of parliament did you vote to kill a hundred thousand people in iraq? Do you refuse to support the immediate withdrawal of the british occupation forces from Iraq? If the answer to those [unclear on recording but as i remember the words were, or meant, "two questions is yes"] - is as it will be in hundreds of cases - [recording unclear - possibly words lost, possibly not] then your mp voted for the war and opposes withdrawal, you must punish them at the ballot box on the fifth of may because if people don't pay for crimes as big as this - for grotesque bloody blunders as big as this - if they're not made to pay, why should they stop doing it? If you don't take your price in the election, I'm warning you now - the stop the war coalition opposed the war in Afghanistan and told you if you don't stop this war they'll attack Iraq next - and if you don't make them pay for what they've done to Afghanistan and Iraq there'll be another war along soon. So march yes, protest yes, but it's all meaningless unless you also vote in overwhelming numbers to clear out the liars and the killers in downing street and their puppets in Westminster. Thank you very much.

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