George Galloway's 2005 election victory speech

George Galloway, London, 6 May 2005. Transcribed by Stephen Hewitt

[Editorial comments are in square brackets, like this one. This speech was transcribed from television broadcast on channel five, although the top left hand read "sky news"]

Mister blair this is for Iraq. This defeat that you have suffered and all the other defeats that new labour has suffered this evening is for Iraq. All the people you killed, all the lies you told have come back to haunt you and the best thing the labour party could do is sack you tomorrow morning as soon as they get back to work.

New labour plumbed new depths in this campaign. And now the police and the courts will try to fathom exactly what they have been up to. But it was no aberration. The reason this count has taken so long, the reason the turnout is so low, the reason that there are hundreds, if not thousands of ghost figures on the electoral roll, the reason that the postal ballots were only 68 percent of those who applied for them is because the London borough of tower hamlets is in the grip of a corrupt political culture. And when we begin when we begin our campaign on monday to take control of this borough council it will be as a new broom to sweep that political culture of corruption away.

Oona King boasted she was going to finish me off. But let me be kinder to her than she was to me. I have not finished her off. Oona king is an able person who will be back in politics and in parliament and the defeat was not her defeat this evening. It was a defeat for tony blair and new labour and all of the betrayals. And i would like to thank on behalf of everyone oona king for the eight years she spent as the member of parliament in this constituency and wish her well in what i am sure will be a resumed and long parliamentary career.

Madam returning officer i must thank the workers here tonight and on the polling stations today but i cannot thank you or the management of the borough of tower hamlets. You have presided over a shambles of an election, a shambles of an electoral roll. You have presided over postal vote applications and ghost voters which would disgrace a banana republic and it's about time you tendered your resignation.

Thank you very much to all those who voted for me. In east London a new political power is born oliur rahman twenty percent next door east ham and west ham respect have come second with twenty and twenty four percent respectively. There is a revolt spreading throughout east London against the betrayals of new labour and you ain't seen nothing yet.

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