“Herbicide Free Area” signs in a Cambridge street in 2024

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The photographs here, taken in May 2024, show signs in Priory Road declaring “Herbicide Free Area” followed by “A joint Cambridge City Council & Pesticide-Free Cambridge initiative”.

“Herbicide Free Area” on a sign in Priory Road, Cambridge, CB5 8HT, May 2024 (52.2096 N, 0.1392 E)
A public area near the “Herbicide Free Area” sign shown above. Priory Road is on the right of the picture and the pole to which the sign is attached is just visible to the right of the litter bin.
An identical sign reading “Herbicide Free Area” at the other end of Priory Road, Cambridge, May 2024. (52.2107 N, 0.1388 E)

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