Cambridge mowing conserving wildflowers

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The photographs here show mowing in and around Cambridge that conserved wildflowers in 2024.

28 April 2024: a strip less than 1 metre wide has been mowed on each side of this metalled pedestrian and cycle path near Cambridge. This is the path leading to the church on Fen Ditton High Street, viewed from approximately (52.2181 N, 0.1666 E)
14 April 2024: A margin of wildflowers left on the edge of a mown grass area in central Cambridge. This border is along Emmanuel Road at New Square, CB1 1EY (52.2064 N, 0.1270 E)
26 April 2024: a single lane mown track across the grass of Stourbridge Common in Cambridge, with wildflowers on each side. This track leads to the footbridge over the Cam at the Green Dragon, viewed from approximately (52.2154 N, 0.146 E)

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