“Don't bomb Syria” demonstration in Whitehall

by Stephen Hewitt | Published 14 April 2018

crowd of people in a wide city street, a few sitting on the road.  About ten placards and fifty or so people are visible in this frame. About 100 yards away on the opposite side of the street the background is an eight-storey white building (the MoD) with large trees in front.
13 April 2018: “Don't bomb Syria” on a placard at a demonstration in Whitehall, London (51.5032 N, -0.1262 E)

In London on the evening of Friday 13 April 2018 there was a demonstration in Whitehall at the entrance to Downing Street, with many people carrying placards that read “Don't bomb Syria”.

The crowd intermittently slowed or blocked traffic travelling along Whitehall. At 18:25 there were two uniformed police officers at the scene. Three police vans arrived using blue lights and sirens at around 18:35. Later there were five police vans in attendance. Several people were arrested, including one woman who crawled under a parked police van. At 19:48 three policemen were full length on the ground next to the van while she remained underneath.


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