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Clarion provides independent, non-profit reporting and information from England for the benefit of good people everywhere The emphasis is on independent original reporting or observation over analysis or opinion.

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Clarion started in 2001 as a group of friends in Cambridge opposed to British involvement in bombing Afghanistan and the proposed war of aggression against Iraq in 2003, but it no longer campaigns or presents any editorial position. It is now maintained by Stephen Hewitt.

What's new: a log of changes to this website

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12 August 2022 Add Empirical explorations of faster Fermat factorisation, part 5
5 August 2022 Add Empirical explorations of faster Fermat factorisation, part 4
29 July 2022 Add “Save our tree-lined avenues” on a banner in residential Cambridge, 2017
22 July 2022 Add A photograph of Darwin College's 1964 foundation plaque
15 July 2022 Add A police helicopter photographed over Cambridge in 2017
8 July 2022 Add Silver Y moths photographed in England in September
1 July 2022 Add The idea of moist air as a heat transfer fluid in energy-efficient home heating
24 June 2022 Add A tachinid fly photographed in England in August
17 June 2022 Add A knot grass moth caterpillar photographed in England in June
10 June 2022 Add Lackey moth cocoon and caterpillars photographed in England in May
3 June 2022 Add A well-tried way to make coffee without equipment
27 May 2022 Add Which web search engines have their own index? Evidence from website visits
20 May 2022 Add An oak eggar moth caterpillar photographed in England in November
13 May 2022 Add Death of MP Stephen Milligan on front page of The Guardian, 8 February 1994
6 May 2022 Add More on death of MP Stephen Milligan in The Guardian of 11 February 1994
29 April 2022 Add Computer work lying down comfortably with a home-made stand over the bed
22 April 2022 Add Metro Bank in Cambridge open after dark, photographed February 2019
15 April 2022 Add Reporter Simon O'Dwyer-Russell's obituary in Sunday Telegraph, 16 December 1990
8 April 2022 Add A heron photographed in June in Cambridge
1 April 2022 Add A common field grasshopper photographed in October in England
25 March 2022 Add A fox moth caterpillar photographed in October in England
18 March 2022 Add Structures of a nut mould photographed through a cheap microscope
14 March 2022 Add Empirical explorations of faster Fermat factorisation, part 3
25 February 2022 Add Empirical explorations of faster Fermat factorisation, part 2
13 February 2022 Add Empirical explorations of faster Fermat factorisation, part 1
4 February 2022 Add Caterpillar parasitoids in cocoons photographed in England
30 January 2022 Add Photograph of metallic gold on a chrysalis in England
23 January 2022 Add Reporters protecting sources: in 2021 Reuters removed a clause from its “Standards and Values” web page
14 January 2022 Add Photograph of a bust of Osman Kazazi in Tirana, Albania 2009
7 January 2022 Add Photograph of a man selling lighter refills on the street, Albania 2009
19 September 2021 Add British SAS trained Khmer Rouge in land mines - an extract from a book of reporting
8 September 2021 Add Lepron project part 3: A first attempt at pronounceable passwords using dice for quantified strength
19 August 2021 Add Photograph of a cabbage white butterfly with her eggs laid on a kale leaf
8 August 2021 Add Six-spot burnet moth photographs showing proboscis
3 August 2021 Add Lepron project part 2: towards public key authentication without central authority using names made of pseudowords
2 July 2021 Add Lepron, a project to develop pronounceable pseudowords for representing binary strings - Part 1: introduction and goals
30 June 2021 Add A letter corroborating that Nazi-era writer H. Powys Greenwood was ‘John Custance’, author of a 1951 book on his own personal experiences of madness
23 May 2021 Update An idea for public key authentication from a name without certificates or central authority
14 May 2021 Add An idea for public key authentication from a name without certificates or central authority
30 April 2021 Add A 1963 article from The Times: MR. GAITSKELL RETURNS TO HOSPITAL
25 April 2021 Add T-33 USA military plane and misleading text exhibited in Albania, 2009
16 April 2021 Add Towards a philosophy, theory and practice of reporting, part 1
9 April 2021 Add Statue of Reuters founder in City of London - photographs
2 April 2021 Add Возле эквадорского посольства в знак солидарности с Джулианом Ассанжем - The Russian language version of a 2018 article Vigil for Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy.
30 March 2021 Add Saudi Arabia: BBC interviewed a convicted perjurer linked to the ruling family without alerting its audience and then insisted this was acceptable
28 March 2021 Add Statue of chief of WW2 Bomber Command in central London - photos
19 March 2021 Update title to Cats, corona virus and genetic susceptibility in a 2014 science talk
4 March 2021 Update Privacy Policy
26 February 2021 Add Cambridge demolishing council homes
16 February 2021 Add RSS Feed
27 January 2021 Add Privacy Policy
24 January 2021 Add Control of the CIA, Congressional Record - House, 9 March 1967
14 January 2021 Add Ramparts article: A short account of international student politics & the cold war with particular reference to the NSA,CIA,Etc
1 January 2021 Within the last few days Clarion has changed from http to https. Every individual page has a 301 redirect from the http location to the https location.
28 December 2020 Add A personal script for a guided body-scan “meditation” or attention exercise.
26 December 2020 Add external article: Three policemen to stand trial on Wapping charges Terry Kirby, The Independent, 20 October 1990, page 6.
21 December 2020 Add external article: Gulf threat ‘is earning billions for Britain’, Leonard Doyle, The Independent, 22 October 1990, page 1.
8 December 2020 Add Cambridge student demonstration against arms trade investments, 2007
2 December 2020 Update Michael Mansfield QC talked in tribute to Michael Seifert. Add background information about the name of Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.
30 November 2020 Add Coconut oil fatty acid composition on a jar label
5 November 2020 Add “Shut Guantanamo now!” demonstration in London, 15 July 2006
26 October 2020 Add A visit to a “traveller’s” home at Smithy Fen in 2005
23 September 2020 Add NY World Trade Centre collapse survivor's 2006 public account
16 August 2020 Add Council spraying glyphosate-based weedkiller in Cambridge streets in 2019
14 July 2020 Now for the first time Clarion has a comment system, running with software unique to Clarion. Added a button to many existing articles for comments.
12 June 2020 Add Arthur Scargill, former miners' union president, speaking in 2006
7 June 2020 Add A simple way to represent cryptographic key fingerprints
13 May 2020 Add Darwinian theory: “huge disparity” between public presentation and scientific literature
4 May 2020 Add Tax-efficient charity: a chance to quadruple a donation
25 April 2020 Add Arms Watch and others to Clarion's list of reporting websites
31 July 2019 Add FOTO - Estradizione di Julian Assange: L'avvocato Jennifer Robinson e Kristinn Hrafnsson di Wikileaks parlano alla stampa dopo la prima udienza
27 June 2019 Add Display of the moths found in a Cornish garden managed for wildlife
24 June 2019 Add Largest ship of its kind was visible waiting off Cornwall [Images]
6 June 2019 Add photo Cambridge trees with new leaves in the spring
8 May 2019 Add Many members of public excluded from Julian Assange extradition first hearing
6 May 2019 Add photo Julian Assange extradition first hearing: Jennifer Robinson and Kristinn Hrafnsson speaking to the media
11 April 2019 Add Photos of Cormorants in Cambridge
6 April 2019 Add Stealing public housing money: a reported historical method
18 March 2019 Add Manual encryption with a one-time pad revisited
8 January 2019 Update Vigil for Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy
17 November 2018 Add Vigilia por Julian Assange en la embajada de Ecuador
7 October 2018 Add Vigil for Julian Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy
23 September 2018 Add Celebration of Haringey's decision to drop HDV
15 September 2018 Add Five things to buy at Arjuna Wholefoods, a Cambridge co-operative
12 August 2018 Remove all "social share" buttons. Eighteen pages affected.
8 August 2018 Add How to remember a 128-bit key using constrained choice
4 August 2018 Add Cambridge residents resisting demolition of homes and loss of green space at Montreal Square
7 July 2018 Add How to remember a provably strong password: a new way using ‘constrained choice’
14 April 2018 Add “Don't bomb Syria” demonstration in Whitehall
26 February 2018 Update Photos of rough sleeping in Cambridge with more photos
25 February 2018 Add Photos of rough sleeping in Cambridge
14 January 2018 Add John Pilger's reporting collected in British Library
31 December 2017 New statement of aims for 2018 above
19 December 2017 Add Grenfell bereaved asking for signatures on inquiry petition to parliament
4 December 2017 Add Michael Mansfield QC talked in tribute to Michael Seifert
27 November 2017 Add ClientEarth, a novel environmental law charity, discussed by its founder
12 November 2017 Add ‘Last man standing’, Cambridge News, 23 May 2014 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Green light to demolish and rebuild homes’, Cambridge News, 5 December 2013 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Council homes facing the bulldozer for second time’, Cambridge News, 18 January 2013 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Council homes set for bulldozer’, Cambridge News, 16 January 2013 to external articles list
12 November 2017 Add ‘Move driven by finance alone’, Cambridge News, 5 December 2012 to external articles list
9 November 2017 Add external article ‘Tenants hope review will be lifeline to staying put’, Cambridge News, 22 November 2012
7 November 2017 Add external article Letter, 19 November 2012 on Water Lane house demolitions, by Tim Bick, Cambridge city council leader
6 November 2017 Add Indigenous Australian speaks in front of Aboriginal spears in a Cambridge museum
5 November 2017 Add external article ‘Homes to be bulldozed despite residents' plea’, Cambridge Eve News, 12 October 2012
3 November 2017 Add Talk by former international ecstasy trafficker
27 October 2017 Add external article ‘Widow begs: Don't bulldoze my home’, Cambridge Eve News, 25 October 2012
25 October 2017 Add 'US Special Forces Collaborating with ISIS – Russia', 24 September 2017 and some others to list of external articles.
20 October 2017 Added Rosi on filming the real-life confessions of a drug hitman in the Mexican police
16 October 2017 Added ‘Effective altruism’ author speaks in Cambridge
13 October 2017 Added Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue volunteers in action
6 October 2017 Added Leader of the Cambridge Sustainable Food Hub project explains the plan
1 October 2017 Added Cambridge workers' co-operative Daily Bread celebrates 25 years
29 September 2017 Added 'Catalans in Cambridge speak about the independence referendum in Catalonia'
24 September 2017 Added 'How to use beads to generate random letters and numbers by hand', the first article in a series on practical data privacy and security.
5 September 2017 Added mobile friendliness to Gremple, a German verb conjugation tool.
27 August 2017 Add 'Event to raise funds to teach English to refugees in Athens', 27 August 2017
26 August 2017 Add 'GETTING JULIAN ASSANGE: THE UNTOLD STORY', John Pilger, 20 May 2017 to list of external articles.
21 August 2017 Most pages updated to be mobile-friendly. Multiple other improvements too, including navigation and related pages
June 2017 Many pages are being updated as this website becomes mobile-friendly. More original articles are coming soon too.
10 April 2017 Film review: "I Am Not Your Negro"
7 April 2017 UTF-8 now used on all pages, to show international characters correctly.
31 March 2017 A chance meeting with author Emily Scialom
27 March 2017 Skateboarding for refugees in Athens - organisers visit Cambridge
25 March 2017 Military charity collecting in Cambridge streets
2015 Bomb Syria says associate of the president of "Medical Aid for Palestinians" (MAP)
2015 London underground abrupt 35% fare increase
November 2014 Vaccination advertisements in a Cambridge medical practice
October 2014 Hora Chilena - screening and discussion of Cambridge film about Chilean refugees from the 1973 military coup
26 September 2014 Cambridge Consultants, Neul and "internet of things" - local talks
8 August 2014 Photo of unusual scorched, blackened crops in a field near Cambridge
3 August 2014 UCL Prof John Dickie in Cambridge, 2013, 'Ndrangheta secret bunkers and Mafia Republic
31 July 2014 Korean Flight KAL 007, shot down in 1983 - notes on Seymour Hersh book
13 June 2014 Cancer Virus book in Waterstones -notes
28 May 2014 Ancient Chinese document on undermining society
21 May 2014 Plagues, populations and survival - a talk by Professor Stephen J O'Brien, molecular biologist
12 April 2014 EU will force new cars to have positioning and cell phones after Oct 2015 - notes from a trade journal
13 March 2014 Silicon Plagues - Computer security expert Mikko Hypponen's talk on the history of worms and viruses, including mentions of APT, intelligence agencies and bitcoin
5 November 2013 TV interview on Syd Barrett, LSD and brain damage - notes on a recent broadcast
21 March 2013 Photograph of a bus using bio fuel in Cambridge last month
19 March 2013 Food prices: price of spaghetti and its recent increase
16 March 2013 Proportions of fuel types used in UK electricity generation - photo of leaflets from npower and E.ON
9 February 2013 Feelings of Cambridge academics on science funding - observations from attending talk and reception at Darwin
28 January 2013 A busy local farm vegetable market stall in Cambridge, with photo
14 January 2013 MI5 and homosexual abuse at Kincora boys' home - a Guardian report from 1990
29 December 2007 Dodi Fayed impersonator - Sunday Times article from 1997
18 November 2007 A Cambridge Journal started

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