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A common field grasshopper photographed in October in England

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A common field grasshopper (Chorthippus brunneus) on a bramble leaf in the hedge of a grassy field in England, 5 October 2021.

The photographs here, taken in October 2021, show a common field grasshopper (Chorthippus brunneus) in a close-up view, and also its surroundings.

A slightly wider view of the common field grasshopper showing the vegetation in its immediate vicinity It was on an upside-down bramble leaf surrounded mainly by brambles. The blackberries in the photograph give an indication of size. This vegetation was in a hedge by a grassy field shown in the next photograph. England, 5 October 2021
The hedge and grassy field where the common field grasshopper was photographed. England, 5 October 2021.

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