Log of changes in 2006 to this website

26 December 2006 Added extract from "The Great Deception" on USA, CFR in creation of EU
26 December 2006 Added dossier on the death of Hugh Gaitskell
26 December 2006 Added An extract from "Spy Catcher" on the death of Hugh Gaitskell
13 December 2006 Updated Gladio with a reference to Gladio in Iraq
9 October 2006 Added Are "cluster bombs" aerially-deployed landmines?
11 September 2006 Added Gremple
4 September 2006 Added Removal of Lenin statue in "Messengers from Moscow", BBC 2, 12 March 1995
11 July 2006 Added review of "Dreams of Sparrows", a documentary film shown yesterday at the Arts cinema.
27 June 2006 Updated footnotes to "How MI6 pushed Britain to join Europe"
19 June 2006 Added European Union related articles page
19 June 2006 Added A letter from Alan Sked about UKIP published in The Daily Telegraph, 31 January 2001
29 May 2006 Added dossier on "Strategic Investment" tip-sheet.
28 May 2006 Added dossier on the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Firdos Square, Baghdad, 9 April 2003.
25 May 2006 Added photographs of Saturday's demonstration for Palestine in London
23 April 2006 Added Drug companies, the re-creation of the 1918 'flu, and so-called bird 'flu, a television programme review.
16 April 2006 Added Secret physical intimidation in court in USA
6 April 2006 Added newspaper report about mysterious deaths with lung haemorrhage in NZ, in August 2003.
17 March 2006 Added Guardian Editor Rusbridger in Private Eye
15 March 2006 Added Notes on a television programme related to Gladio.
29 January 2006 Updated Gladio, adding an article
22 January 2006 Updated dossier of deaths with an addition.
11 January 2006 Added Iraq 'used US biotoxins in Gulf war'
8 January 2006 Added article about the SAS and the Khmer Rouge discussed in parliament.
8 January 2006 Added article about Jonathan Moyle
8 January 2006 Added British Animation, the Marshall Plan and the EU
4 January 2006 Added dossier of deaths.

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