Log of changes in 2021 to this website

19 September 2021
British SAS trained Khmer Rouge in land mines - an extract from a book of reporting (Book excerpt)
8 September 2021
Lepron project part 3: A first attempt at pronounceable passwords using dice for quantified strength (Innovation and design)
19 August 2021
Photograph of a cabbage white butterfly with her eggs laid on a kale leaf (Nature photography)
8 August 2021
Six-spot burnet moth photographs showing proboscis (Nature photography)
3 August 2021
Lepron project part 2: towards public key authentication without central authority using names made of pseudowords (Innovation and design)
2 July 2021
Lepron, a project to develop pronounceable pseudowords for representing binary strings - Part 1: introduction and goals (Innovation and design)
30 June 2021
A letter corroborating that Nazi-era writer H. Powys Greenwood was ‘John Custance’, author of a 1951 book on his own personal experiences of madness (Reporting)
23 May 2021
An idea for public key authentication from a name without certificates or central authority (Innovation and design)
14 May 2021
An idea for public key authentication from a name without certificates or central authority (Innovation and design)
30 April 2021
A 1963 article from The Times: MR. GAITSKELL RETURNS TO HOSPITAL (Press cutting)
25 April 2021
T-33 USA military plane and misleading text exhibited in Albania, 2009 (Photojournalism)
16 April 2021
Towards a philosophy, theory and practice of reporting, part 1 (Analysis)
9 April 2021
Statue of Reuters founder in City of London - photographs (Photojournalism)
2 April 2021
Возле эквадорского посольства в знак солидарности с Джулианом Ассанжем (Reporting)
30 March 2021
Saudi Arabia: BBC interviewed a convicted perjurer linked to the ruling family without alerting its audience and then insisted this was acceptable (Reporting)
28 March 2021
Statue of chief of WW2 Bomber Command in central London - photos (Photojournalism)
19 March 2021
Cats, corona virus and genetic susceptibility in a 2014 science talk (Reporting)
4 March 2021
Privacy Policy (About Clarion)
26 February 2021
Cambridge demolishing council homes (Reporting)
16 February 2021
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28 January 2021
Privacy Policy (About Clarion)
24 January 2021
Control of the CIA, Congressional Record - House, 9 March 1967 (Historical document)
14 January 2021
Ramparts article: A short account of international student politics & the cold war with particular reference to the NSA,CIA,Etc (Press cutting)

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