2021 log of website changes

19 September 2021
British SAS trained Khmer Rouge in land mines - an extract from a book of reporting (Book excerpt)
8 September 2021
Lepron project part 3: A first attempt at pronounceable passwords using dice for quantified strength (Innovation and design)
19 August 2021
Photograph of a cabbage white butterfly with her eggs laid on a kale leaf (Nature photography)
8 August 2021
Six-spot burnet moth photographs showing proboscis (Nature photography)
3 August 2021
Lepron project part 2: towards public key authentication without central authority using names made of pseudowords (Innovation and design)
2 July 2021
Lepron, a project to develop pronounceable pseudowords for representing binary strings - Part 1: introduction and goals (Innovation and design)
30 June 2021
A letter corroborating that Nazi-era writer H. Powys Greenwood was ‘John Custance’, author of a 1951 book on experiences of his own madness (Reporting)
23 May 2021
An idea for public key authentication from a name without certificates or central authority (Innovation and design) - UPDATE
14 May 2021
An idea for public key authentication from a name without certificates or central authority (Innovation and design)
30 April 2021
A 1963 article from The Times: MR. GAITSKELL RETURNS TO HOSPITAL (Press cutting)
25 April 2021
T-33 USA military plane and misleading text exhibited in Albania, 2009 (Photojournalism)
16 April 2021
Towards a philosophy, theory and practice of reporting, part 1 (Analysis)
9 April 2021
Statue of Reuters founder in City of London - photographs (Photojournalism)
2 April 2021
Возле эквадорского посольства в знак солидарности с Джулианом Ассанжем (Reporting)
30 March 2021
Saudi Arabia: BBC interviewed a convicted perjurer linked to the ruling family without alerting its audience and then insisted this was acceptable (Reporting) - UPDATE
28 March 2021
Statue of chief of WW2 Bomber Command in central London - photos (Photojournalism)
19 March 2021
Cats, corona virus and genetic susceptibility in a 2014 science talk (Reporting) - UPDATE
4 March 2021
Privacy Policy (About Clarion) - UPDATE
26 February 2021
Cambridge demolishing council homes (Reporting)
16 February 2021
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28 January 2021
Privacy Policy (About Clarion)
24 January 2021
Control of the CIA, Congressional Record - House, 9 March 1967 (Historical document)
14 January 2021
Ramparts article: A short account of international student politics & the cold war with particular reference to the NSA,CIA,Etc (Press cutting)

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