Cambridge press reports on public opinion and actions before the invasion of Iraq in 2003

Reports from local newspapers in Cambridge from early 2003, on public reaction to the proposed military attack on Iraq.

Minister is greeted by protesters

Cambridge Evening News, 6 March 2003 [web version]

Adam Ingram, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, faced a hostile reception inside and outside party headquarters in Norfolk Street.

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Hundreds skip lessons for anti-war demo

Cambridge Evening News, 5 March 2003 [web version]

About 400 pupils from Hills Road and Long Road Sixth Form Colleges in Cambridge marched into the city centre to protest against a possible war with Iraq.

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Campaigners hand in petition for peace

East Anglian Daily Times, Saturday 8 February 2003
PEACE campaigners opposed to the UK going to war in Iraq have presented a petition of more than 1,200 signatures to Ipswich MP Chris Mole.
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NATO Chief warns on Saddam war

Varsity, 7 February 2003, page 2

NATO's Euroean Commander-in- Chief has defended a possible war in Iraq but warned that if it occurs the West may be dragged into a drawn out and damaging conflict.

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Lock-On War Protest at RAF Lakenheath

Varsity, 7 February 2003, page 2

Anti war protesters were in action again last week and experienced mixed success in their action at RAF Lakenheath. The party of

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NO 82% are against Iraq war

Cambridge Evening News, 7 February 2003, page 1

MORE than 1,000 readers took part in the News poll to find out how the region feels about war with Iraq.

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Cambridge Evening News, 6 February 2003, page 1

* MPs say their constiuents are not yet convinced Britain should invade Iraq

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Region's MPs say constituents overwhelmingly against conflict

Little belief in need for war

Stephen Bevan Cambridge Evening News, 6 February 2003, page 3

THE people of Mid-Anglia are not ready for a war in Iraq, according to the region's MPs.

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Hundreds march against war

Cambridge Weekly News, 5 February 2003
HUNDREDS of protesters gathered In Cambridge city centre on Saturday to march against the impending war on Iraq.
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Peace protesters arrested after air base demo

Cambridge Evening News, 4 February 2003, page 2

SIX peace protesters, four of them from Cambridge, were arrested during a demonstration outside the Lakenheath USAF base yesterday.

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Hundreds protest over Iraq war plan

Lizzie Murphy, Cambridge Evening News, 3 February 2003, page 3

HUNDREDS of protesters gathered in Cambridge city centre on Saturday to march against the impending war on Iraq.

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Letters Extra Special on Iraq
War would be disastrous

Cambridge Evening News, 3 February 2003, page 16

This is a representative sample of letters we have received on a possible war with Iraq. So far, not one correspondent has been in favour of war.

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Petition highlights anti-war message

Cambridge Evening News, 25 January 2003, page 13

A WOMAN has set about giving a voice to growing anger over a possible war in Iraq by starting a petition which she hopes will go to every village in the region.

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Seventy arrests at anti-war blockade

Tom Ebbutt at Northwood Varsity, 24 January 2003

Cambridge students were among the 70 protestors arrested on Sunday at a peaceful protest outside Britain's Military Headquarters. They were members of the four hundred anti-war protestors who rallied outside RAF Northwood,

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Cambridge Student to be human shield in Iraq

Tom Ebbutt, Varsity, 24 January 2003

Tomorrow morning Shane Mulligan will set out on a journey to Iraq. When he arrives there in just under two weeks time he will go to a place that he sees as being worth protecting - maybe a power station, a water works or a hospital - and stay there.

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Candlelight in the shadow of war

Lisen Skarborg and Jonathan Roos The Cambridge Student, 23 January 2003, page 2

As people around the world joined in peaceful protest against the possibly imminent war on Iraq, over 100 Cambridge locals and students converged on Petty Cury on Saturday night.

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Student Heading to Iraq

Dan Rowlands The Cambridge Student, 23 January 2003, page 2

A Cambridge student is heading to Iraq this week to act as a "human shield", in the face of the increasing threat of military strikes on the troubled Gulf state. Shane Mulligan,

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Iraq war would be a mistake, says city MP

Cambridge Evening News, 5 September 2002

CAMBRIDGE MP Anne Campbell has warned Prime Minister Tony Blair that war against Iraq would be a "mistake".

As the likelihood of military action against Saddam Hussein increased dramatically, she said worried constituents were contacting her on a daily basis.

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